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Inspiring future generations of leaders to think about regenerative best practices for the next generation!

Helping students and teachers think about sustainability in an accessible, affordable,  and turn-key way that supplements the STEM curriculum.

We want to activate measurable changes in behavior.


Benefits students and the larger community

Empower kids from all backgrounds with the knowledge and skills to live sustainably

Unique, convenient, and cost-effective

Supplement STEM curriculum onsite, without costly field trips

Interactive, practical and comprehensive

Workshops, hands-on activities and green technology demonstrations

Proven Success

Curriculum has been developed through numerous workshops in school and with youth focused nonprofits


 We are committed to making sustainability education more widespread 


Hands on Activities

Our standards-aligned “S.T.E.M.” curriculum covers topics such as: energy, water, food  and agriculture, green building, and sustainable transportation. It will be integrated with a focus on social justice and food security through partnerships in the community and the application of newly gained knowledge and skills to real-world settings, such as community gardens.

Calculating CO2 footprint

Growing Seed Starts

Building aquaponic, hydroponic and aeroponic growing systems

Composting and Vermi-

Comparing water retention on permeable and impervious surfaces

Tracking energy data solar panels and and comparing to non-renewable energy sources

Calculate energy and monetary savings from CFL and LED lighting

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