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ServicesWe Provide:

-Tree Trimming

-Tree & Stump Removal

-Homesteading Services

-Landscaping Services

-Everything In Between

Tree & Ecosystem Services

We have been providing ecosystem services as well as tree services in this bio-region since 2011, including but not limited to homesteading services, landscaping services, tree trimming, and stump removal included all services between.  We’re proud to have a certified arborist on-staff from the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) as well as climbing and ground services second to none.  We are ready to assist you with all of your tree trimming, tree removal, and ecosystem services.

Ecosystem services produce the many life-sustaining benefits we receive from nature — clean air, water, fertile soil for landscapes and crop production, pollination, and flood control.  Whether your landscape, farm, or corporate property has new trees, mature trees or a mixture of both, proper tree care and ecosystem services is an essential part of developing and maintaining the safety, health and beauty of one's circumstances most valuable assets. The USDA Forest Service says, “Healthy, mature trees add an average of 10 percent to a property’s value.” We would be honored to help you create regenerative circumstances on your property…

Benefits of Tree Management:

-Provide shade for your home, lawn and landscape

-Improve the value of your property

-Are the centerpiece of a beautiful residential landscape

-Benefit Colorado’s environment

Ecosystem Services Design

Ecosystem services design is a concept that draws attention to the relationship between people and nature.  The term ecosystem services is related to municipalities use of the environment to solve problems such as stormwater management, green spaces, and integration of the urban canopy for its citizens as a utility or service.  The design process is a low-tech oriented approach which is appropriate to the specific needs of the ecosystem and the integration of people and plants to create mutualistic partnerships that are reflected in carbon sequestration, biodiversity, and opportunity for interaction between citizens of the community and contributing towards healthier environments.

Integrated Systems Solutions


Includes build-out of the design and integration into the urban and rural landscape depending on the client's or communities needs.  Examples would be the planting of trees in under-served communities to increase the urban canopy, offset people's utilities, and to create shade which decreases the heat island effect.  Rainwater catchment and earthworks integrated into the landscape in order to slow, spread, and sink water into the landscapes of people within the urban environment, and also decrease the amount of public utility water to serve the same purpose.

Consulting & Education


Educational seminars, mentorship, actions, festivals, and other co-created solutions.  Teaching individuals, grassroots organizations, nonprofits, corporations, and governments about the importance of carbon consciousness and its contribution to climate change.  Our major goal is educating people about the ecosystem services model.  Consulting on biodiversity, off sets, and carbon sequestration through the implementation of these ecosystem services.  Consulting on all stages of program and project development / management including earthworks and construction.

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